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5 Things Productive People Do Before 8 a.m.

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Do you often feel that you don’t have enough time to do what needs to be done? Are 24 hours never enough for you? Are you always busy? 

If your answers to these questions are “Yes!” -- well, do not worry! You are not alone. 

The late-night screen time activities and terrible work schedules have made a lot of our daily schedules miserable. We wake up at noon and work till dawn. Sometimes, we do not sleep for days on end. Sometimes, we sleep like there’s no tomorrow. Some days are productive, some terrible. This is our chaotic, capricious lifestyle. 

However, this lifestyle will not render longevity in your career. If you feel busy all the time, you are not working right.

If 24 hours are not enough for you, you are not productive. 

To make the most of our day, and still not be forever busy, you must wake up early. Research has shown that we are our most productive early in the morning

If you consider yourself as, “not a morning person,”  - it’s all the more reason for you to read ahead.

The best way to learn is learning by example. After ample research and personal interaction, I have come up with the top 5 things that productive people do before 8 a.m. -- that you must do too! 

Afterall, if they can do it...Why can’t you? 

5 Things Productive People Do Before 8 a.m.

1. Getting the Body Moving 

If you don’t have the habit of waking early in the morning -- waking up at six may seem virtually impossible. The bed feels all the more sweet at that time of the day. The urge to snuggle inside the quilt is too irresistible.

But with a little motivation and mental strength, you can get yourself to wake up. 

As soon as the alarm strikes, jump out of bed. Don’t wait to get up and sit on the bed for a few moments before standing on the cold floor. Jump out. In an instant. It’s much easier. If you keep sitting there, chances are you will go back to sleep. That is how most people lose motivation. 

After jumping out of bed, stretch your body. Get it moving. Do some push-ups. Jump. Dance.

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Just get your body moving, any way you can. After some moments, your body will feel energized to achieve your goals for the day. Folks like Richard Branson & Tim Cook wake up before 6 a.m. just to exercise and get their bodies moving. 

Side Note: You have to sleep early the night before you wake up early. It’s no point waking up at 6 if you slept at 3. Had to say it. 

2. Getting a Cold Shower 

I know it sounds scary! But to reach the pinnacle of your success, sometimes you have to venture into scary territories.

Having a cold shower is guaranteed to wake you right off of your slumber.

A cold shower is a much better option than a warm one. It is more refreshing, and makes you positive right off the bat.

Just garner the courage and step in. Again, in an instant. Don’t test the waters before going in. Just stand there while the cold shower is running. Your heart will thump like crazy in the start, but it will all get okay in a few moments. 

Tony Robbins uses this every morning, by plunging into a pool of cold water.

After the shower, sit back with a glass of lemon honey drink or tea. You will be refreshed and hydrated. First thing in the morning, it’s the perfect start to a productive day. 

3. Disconnecting from Work 

Most people tend to check their work emails first thing in the morning. That is a big mistake. 

You shouldn’t start working until you really are in the zone. 

After getting refreshed, resist the temptation to follow up on an email you sent yesterday. You don’t want your day to start negatively in case it’s a bad news.

Featured in the article: "5 Things Productive People Do Before 8 a.m.". Woman meditating, morning habit of productive people.

Meditation practices are a great way to unplug from the stress work can bring you, and a great habit to adopt every morning. 

4. Eating Healthy 

It has often been said: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it should be treated like that. 

Trust me, a good breakfast can really make a difference in how your rest of the day will turn out. 

Featured in the article: "5 Things Productive People Do Before 8 a.m.". Healthy breakfast to start the day

With good food in your belly, you can take over the world(figuratively.) 

In your breakfast, ensure that you have more proteins than carbs. Also, it is okay to consume more calories in the breakfast, so long as it keeps decreasing the rest of the day. 

Eat enough proteins and carbohydrates, and drink enough juice. The recipe for early morning success

5. Strategizing for the Day 

Finally, it is time to start working. After your body is fully refreshed, decide what you are going to achieve in the coming day.  

What are the tasks that you need to complete? How are you going to complete them? Until what time? Think of a clear schedule for the day. If it helps, write it on a piece of paper

Also, remind yourself of your long-term goals to stay motivated to achieve them. Speak about your goals. Think positively. Stay motivated. 

Wrapping Up 

Step out of your house with a positive attitude. If you start your day like this, you will certainly notice a slight jump in your steps.

A jump of motivation and productivity, all of the sudden hard work doesn't seem that hard!

Try this early morning routine out. And see how you perform that day. I can assure you that it will be much better than the rest of the days. 

Tell us about it in the comments!

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