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5 Most Effective Ways For Boosting Your Leadership Self-Esteem

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You know that our self-worth is how we value and perceive ourselves. Nowadays it seems like everybody wants to be seen as a leader who made an impact. But self-esteem cannot be cultivated outside of us. 

To feel confident and fulfilled we need to learn how to develop such feelings from within. 

Working on your self-esteem is the essence of who you are as a leader. 

It is important to make consideration of yourself worth a regular part of your practice and work to maintain high standards of self-esteem. Below are the most effective ways to improve your leadership self-esteem.

5 Most Effective Ways For Boosting Your Leadership Self-Esteem

1. Recognize that You are not Alone

You are not the only one who is afraid. Confident people can take action even when they don’t feel as confident on the inside as they project outside. Many leaders battle with self-doubt though they may not admit it publically. 

Identify great leaders that you look up to and try to model them.

Go one by one, and ask yourself what qualities this person possesses and which of these qualities you already have and which you need to build. Find out what you need to do to develop these qualities that you don’t have.

2. List Your Strengths

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Recognize your strengths and how they have helped you in achieving your goals. Keeping a list of your strengths will remind you of your self-worth every time you feel low. 

Think about how you can use your strengths to move yourself and your career to the next level.

Take a good look at your priorities and try something outside the scope of what you are used to. It could be something you have been avoiding like cold pitching a big organization or approaching a prominent person for a business proposal.

Always give yourself credit where it is deserved.

Take stock of the achievements you have accomplished and how you have changed the lives of other people and congratulate yourself.

3. Name Your Weakness and network to grow your circle

Do not worry about being a perfect leader because nobody is perfect and there hasn't been a perfect leader yet. Once you list down your shortcomings, you can come up with ways of addressing or compensating for them. 

Ask yourself if there are ways you can turn one of your weaknesses into strength.

You can achieve this by strengthening your skills or befriending an influential person who will be a powerful, useful contact to you. If you cannot meet this influential person on your own, find a mutual contact who can introduce you. Make sure you do homework on your new contact before meeting and look for ways you can help him or her achieve their goal.

Featured in the article: "5 Most Effective Ways For Boosting Your Leadership Self-Esteem". Effectively networking as a leader.

4. Network Effectively

  • Identify the important professional contacts in your life that have helped you make valuable connections and those that have been helpful in your career. Figure out what matters most to these people to make sure you keep regular contact;
  • Pick your next list of 50 to 100 contacts who have perhaps helped you or who have the potential to do so in the future. These are people you may not know well enough to socialize with, but it is important to follow up with them and figure out their interests;
  • Find ways to engage everyone else and if you want to connect with someone finds a way to help that person or arouse their curiosity;
  • Don’t just focus on people with big titles. It is easier to connect with people early in their careers. Figure out who in your network is interesting and seems to make strong connections.

5. Self Affirm

Featured in the article: "5 Most Effective Ways For Boosting Your Leadership Self-Esteem". Woman leader with like a boss cup sell affirmation.

Self-affirmations are positive messages we give ourselves based on our true strengths. Self-affirmation theory contends that if a person focuses on values that are relevant to them, they have fewer chances of experiencing distress.

Allow yourself to feel good, proud and satisfied with the positive achievements you have demonstrated. 

For affirmations to work, you have to believe in your abilities so that you do not react defensively when confronted with information that contradicts your sense of self. You can give yourself positive affirmations, but if you don't believe in them nor act like you really mean them, you may end up feeling worse.


When it comes to self-esteem we tend to be our own harshest critics. If we need to change something we have to recognize that something needs to be changed. 

As soon as you start going down the path of self-criticism, take note of your feelings and change your story.

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