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8 Tips To Train Your Brain To Focus and Avoid Distractions

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Let me take you on a trip down the memory lane! The time where there were no cell phones or computers. People did not know what the internet was, and having a landline phone was considered a luxury. There were no fancy apps to create reminders. All we had was our good old brain.

We were better at focusing and remembering things as there were no distractions

Though technology has helped us in a million ways, it has been a source of severe distraction. On an average, a person checks his mobile phone 85 times a day! Can you believe that?

I am here to tell you 8 hacks to train your brain to focus and avoid distractions!

8 Tips To Train Your Brain To Focus And Avoid Distractions 

1. Build a Memory Palace

BBC’s masterpiece Sherlock brought into limelight an ancient Greek technique known as the Memory Palace. This technique is used by “Mental Athletes” who compete in Memory challenges across the globe.

The memory palace is an extraordinary mapping technique which helps you focus on things and remember things better.

The book “Moonwalking with Einstein” by Joshua Foer discusses this in detail.

2. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an art. It is being in a state of complete self-awareness where your focus is at the peak.

You can practice mindfulness by doing something as simple as concentrating on your breath or go ahead and try meditation.

With the help of mindfulness meditation you can gather all your wandering thoughts and build focus. Using your breath as an anchor you can avoid all distractions.

3. Say No to Multitasking

Research reveals that it takes around 8 seconds for the brain to register an event completely.

Multitasking prevents you from concentrating on the task at hand and makes you more error prone. 

It also increases your heart rate and stress levels. When you are solving a math or a science problem and watching TV simultaneously, you tend to miss out on details making you more fallible.

Concentrate only on the task at hand and observe a marked difference in your brain’s performance.

4. Eat Right

The brain and the belly are intrinsically linked!

The food you eat supplies essential nutrients that have an impact on the cognitive functioning of your brain. 

Every day, the body is exposed to “free radicals” because of stress, poor diet, cigarette, pollution, etc. This has an adverse impact on your brain.

Antioxidants help protect the brain cells from the subsequent damage caused by these free radicals. Good fats, food containing vitamin B and vitamin K such as broccoli, cabbage, walnuts can help boost the functionality of your brain. Even the smell of herbs such as rosemary can help you focus on things better.

5. Try Solving Puzzles

The brain requires constant activity in order to prevent it from degenerating.

Playing memory intensive games, solving puzzles and riddles will keep the brain actively functioning which will, in turn, help you focus on things better. Try websites like Lumosity, braingle, etc.

6. Get 8-hour Shuteye time

We have always found that a good night’s sleep helps us perform our everyday activities better.

A study by scientists from China and the US revealed that new connections between brain cells – synapses – are formed during sleep.

The brain replays the activities of the previous day subconsciously and forms new connections between neurons which enable us to learn and focus more.

7. Try Some Mnemonics

We have always used VIBGYOR to remember the 7 colors of the rainbow. Mnemonic techniques help you to organize and structure information in a unique manner so that it becomes easier to retrieve the information.

Visual mnemonics also help you to remember random lists and objects better by forming mental images of the objects and making associations between the images.

Rhymes are also an effective way to focus on things as they are easily linked together for us by sounds.

Ever wondered how we’re able to sing the lines of multiple songs for hours together, but can’t memorize simple formulae? Try singing the formula out loud to the tune of a song!

8. Learn A New Skill 

Learning a new skill can help us sharpen our minds. During the process of learning challenging skills such as photography, violin, knitting, etc., the connections in the brain are strengthened leading to improved focus.

A study conducted by neuroscientist Denise Park at the University of Texas at Dallas revealed the same. Dr. Park randomly assigned a group of seniors to learn new skills such as photography, quilting. Another group to engage in more familiar household activities and a 3rd group to do purely social skills such as entertainment. Three months later Park found that the group that learned the new skill enhanced their memory the most as compared to the groups that were involved in performing known and non-demanding skills.

The brain is an amazing thing. If you train it appropriately, it will become very easy to improve focus and avoid all distractions. Try out these hacks one by one and supercharge your brain. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Share these tips with your friends and family so they can train their brain to focus also. 
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Luke writes about mental wellness & benefits of brain supplements @ Nootrina or Twitter.  He’s a big fan of Yoga & mindfulness & feels that these 2 are the real key to mental well-being. Being a foodie, Luke loves cooking & brings several cuisines to bear at his dinner table. He’s looking to improve the awareness about mental health issues & share ways to handle them among people of all ages. 

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