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11 Signs You’re Complicating Your Life

Header image of the article "11 Signs You’re Complicating Your Life" . A Checklist of signs you must be aware of to start to simplify your life.

"Life is complicated". There are too many goals to achieve, too many roles to play, too many people to make happy.

Is that really the case? When you think about it, life is pretty simple. We’re the ones who complicate things more than necessary.

Do you have a daily task management app? If you’re like most people you installed several apps before choosing the right one. Why can’t we just make a decision and stick to one app?

There are too many options out there, and that’s making the decisions harder to make. With a little strength of character, however, we can start making simpler decisions.

The solution starts with the identification of the problem. If you recognize yourself somewhere in the following 11 signs, it means you need to simplify things in that specific area.                                                           

11 Signs You’re Complicating Your Life

1. You Do Things Superficially

Let’s take the same example again: if you pick one to-do app, you explore all its features and you start using it daily, it will have an effect on your productivity. If you go through several apps without exploring all their features, you won’t unlock the potential of any of them.

Featured in the article: "11 Signs You’re Complicating Your Life ". Deciding for the right app, takes too much time, doing things superficially.

If you don’t give yourself entirely to something you want to do, it means you’re wasting your time without achieving good results.

That’s complicating your life, since you’re not getting good results from anything you do.

2. You Take Too Much Responsibility

This is the other extreme. If you’re one of those people who can’t say no, you’re constantly accepting more responsibilities. You’re doing your best to achieve best results in everything you do.

The problem is: when you’re overwhelmed with tasks, you can’t perform at your best. 

Featured in the article: "11 Signs You’re Complicating Your Life ". Stressed man overwhelmed with too much responsibility.

That’s causing too much stress. A simple "no" can make your life much simpler. If you don’t think you can do a favor someone is asking from you, just give them your denial in the kindest way possible.

3. You Don’t Stand Up to Fear

Lauren Knightley, a team leader from BestEssays, shares her experience: “Like many other people, I was afraid to leave a job that did nothing for me. The pay was lousy, I was getting too much work, and the boss treated me miserably. I knew I had to leave at one point or another, but I kept delaying my decision. Once I found the strength to quit and move forward, I realized how much I was complicating my own life because of fear. Now, I finally have a job I love.”

Don’t allow fear to make your decisions, you’re the one who makes decisions. 

Simplify your life by making the right ones, having the job that you love can be one of them.  

4. You’re Not Letting Go

A dysfunctional relationship, old friendships that no longer work, old items that bring you memories… you’re simply not letting go.

Start by decluttering. Get rid of all clothes and things you don’t need. 

Then, start the process of emotional decluttering.

If there are people you know you shouldn’t have in your life, just let them go.

If you haven’t dealt with left-overs of old feelings, analyze them and let go of that burden, too.

5. You’re Buying Too Many Things You Don’t Need

You need new winter shoes, so you enter the store with that purpose to mind. Suddenly, you find yourself surrounded with so many options that you can’t resist. You leave the store with three pairs of boots, one pair of heels, two pairs of flats, and one pair of sandals you’ll never wear but you got them because they were on discount.

If your home is full of things you don’t necessarily need, it means you’re creating a mess. That causes stress. Again, declutter.

When your home is clean and simple, your entire life will become much simpler.  

6. You Compare Your Achievements to Those of Other People

You think there’s nothing wrong with comparisons because they push you to be better? You’re making a big mistake.

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others, you’re envious. 

You want to be better than everyone else? Reality hit: there will always be someone who’s better than you at something.

It’s okay to get inspired! However, if you’re never happy with your own achievement because you expect to be the best at everything, you have a big problem and it’s complicating your life.

7. You Talk Too Much

Are you always talking about the latest thing? There’s no latest thing. There are things you understand and things you don’t understand. 

You don’t need big words and too much talk to express the things you understand.

If you’re rambling, it means you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you’re rambling, it means you shouldn’t speak.

You have no idea how the wrong words can complicate your life.

Make things simpler: tell more by saying less and executing abundantly. 

8. You’re Easily Offended

You like being honest? You always want to say the things you mean and you don’t expect other people to be offended? Well, then you should take other people’s honesty well.

Even if someone is saying something really offensive, it’s just what they mean. It doesn’t have to be an objective truth. 

Don’t be offended. If this person has a point, consider it. If they are offending you on purpose because they want to hurt you, ignore them. Don’t take them seriously.

9. You’re Not Willing to Take Risks

If you don’t take risks, you’ll be tapping in place forever. You’ll have the wrong impression that you’re life is simple, right there in your comfort zone. You’ll be wrong. Sooner or later, the reality will hit you: what have you done with this life? 

Did you push the limits? Did you reach your potential?

If you start regretting the things you never did, that’s when things will get complicated: you won’t get a second chance for most of them.

Push your limits! Take risks. Even if you fail, the experience will teach you something.

Simplicity of life doesn’t mean not doing things. It means enjoying life to the fullest. You can reach that state of being only when you’re brave enough to find out what makes you happy.

10. You Don’t Regenerate

Are you working too much? You find time for work and family, but do you find time for yourself?

If your regeneration time is brought down to sleep, you’re doing things wrong.

You can’t live a happy life if you’re not doing things you enjoy doing by yourself.

That may be walking in nature, doing yoga, reading, blogging, or anything else.

You’re investing yourself in making others feel good, but you should be kind to yourself, too.

11. You Care about Other People’s Opinions

You always want to impress people? You’re always trying to meet their expectations? You care about what they think of you? You’re complicating your life!

Don’t let others set your standards. You’ll never make everyone like you. 

The important thing is for you to like yourself and move on!

Wrapping Up

You can’t avoid all complicated situations life throws at your face, but you do have a say. You can make your life simpler by recognizing the habits that are complicating it and making something about them.

 Are you ready to start living simply well?

Share this article with your friends and family, so they too can be alert to these signs and simplify their lives.
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Brenda Savoie is a content marketer at BestEssays, private English tutor, and desperate dreamer. Writing her first romance novel. Seeking contentment through mindfulness. Check her blog BestWritngClues.


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