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Success: Should We Really Pursue It?

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Header image of the article: "Success: Should We Really Pursue It?" - representing a girl pursuing her own definition of success by following her personal dreams and goals.

In this world of constant chaise for accomplishment, we’re obsessed with the idea of being successful. The society puts constant pressure on us. Our parents have always been pushing us to study more and achieve more. The media is creating a twisted version of success. 

Just check this list of the most successful people in the world. What do you see? Billionaires. In today’s world, fortune is the definition of success. Of course, these people on the list are successful in many, many ways.

J.K Rowling is successful because she wrote Harry Potter.

That’s her personal success. Without the money she earned with it, however, would we be aware of her success?

We’re coming down to another twisted definition of success: popularity. When you make people aware of your achievements, you’re successful

How do you perceive success? 

Is it about the money, big house, and career? If you’re limited to those aspects of success, you’re not seeing the whole picture. 

Success: Should We Really Pursue It? 

“We’re all successful in one way or another. We can become more successful without sacrificing friendships, interests, and life in general. There’s nothing wrong with the concept of success and the journey towards it. We should all aim towards the success we envision for ourselves. However, I should be the one who envisions that success. Not my parents, not the society, not the media. Me.” (Bob Rodgers, a team leader from AussueWritings.com )

The Downsides of Pursuing So-Called Success

Let’s agree upon something: when you’re pursuing other’s standards of success, you’re after the so-called success. 

That concept is just an illusion of success.

You’re after fortune and fame. When you get fully focused on that goal, you’ll suffer some consequences:
  • You’ll have little time for your family and friends. Celebrities work hard for their time and fortune; 
  • You won’t have time for yourself. If your vision of success is related to showbiz, then yes, you’ll have to work on yourself. You’ll work on your appearance, and the workouts will be brutal. However, you won’t have time to read the books you would like to read, or spend some time with your own thoughts. 
  • When success is related to financial achievements, it puts an incredible pressure. Money? That’s something that’s never enough. You’ll always want more. You’ll have to make risky investments to make more. You’ll constantly be afraid of losing some of that money. If you’re not strong enough to handle the pressure of fortune, it’s not a good life to live. 
  • Are you giving up on your dreams to achieve the success others expect? Then you’re making a huge sacrifice. At one point or another, you’ll realize the pursue for other people’s standards is making you deeply unhappy. 

The Real Definition of Success: Getting Where You Want to Be

It’s time to redefine success, people! It’s a more personal concept than you imagine. It’s not about the money, glory and prestige. It’s not about how other people see you.

Success it’s all about how you see yourself.

Russell Brand is famous, right? He is still working on his personal growth, since he obviously doesn’t limit his vision of success to achievements in showbiz. We see him using his influence to awaken other people. When he sees someone inspired by him, he must feel he’s on the right track of life. That’s what success is all about!

Here are few things that will help you redefine your understanding of success:

1. Make this The Rule of Your Life:

You can only be successful when you’re happy;
and you’ll be happy only when you love what you do.

Hopefully, you’re good at what you want to do. If you’re not good enough, learn and practice! That’s how you’ll reach the point of success. 

2. Do not confuse Success with material belongings

If you really, really want that fancy lifestyle, then pursue it. However, you have to stay strong and make sure you won’t lose yourself somewhere along the chase for money.

"Make sure the outside is a major reflection of what is going on inside." - Jim Rohn

3. Simple things bring satisfaction

If you think about it, crazy successful people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have been known for implementing the principles of minimalism

Leo Tolstoy lived a very simple life, too. And yes, we can call Tolstoy successful.

When you find satisfaction in the simplest things, you’ll be able to see the progress you’re making on a daily basis. 

4. Conclusion

We all carry an obligation to find our reason for being. We can’t wait for the Universe to put us where we belong. 

We need to understand what we were meant to be and try hard to get there. 

That’s the kind of success we should all pursue. 

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Making others pursue success, by becoming the best version they can possibly be, is one of the major steps for yourself to...


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