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7 Tips For Successful Journal Keeping

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Yes, you read it right. Writing a journal can help you become successful be it in your career, business, relationships, and life in general.

Do you think it sounds so easy? Think again. Nevertheless, you can journal your way towards success.

Haven’t you observed that most successful people in their businesses, careers, and life
have published written works?

It’s because success and writing are correlated. How is this possible?

Writing has several benefits that can help people to achieve their dreams and aspirations. It might not be too obvious but when you come to think about it, it is possible.

However, for you to be able to journal your way to success, it will take much more than writing your daily activities.

It’s more than your “dear diary” type of written work. Your journal should not just record where you had lunch, who you talked to, what you ate, and other mundane things.

Of course, you can still take note of these things but you need to reflect on what you think, how you feel, what you pretend to do about it, what your plans are and so on...

Follow this tips for journaling your way towards success:

7 Tips For Successful Journal Keeping

1. Write Consistently

Do not just write when you feel like it. Make time to write in your journal. Include writing in your daily routine by scheduling a specific time when you actually do it.

It is very unlikely that you will have nothing to write about especially if you are being productive. This will develop self-discipline also.

Personally, I like writing in my journal before I go to sleep. With this, I can easily recall what transpired throughout the day.

Also, I can reflect on my thoughts and feelings. I record what I could have done differently as well.

2. Write Honestly

Since you are writing in your journal, do not be afraid to be brutally honest. Besides, your audience will also be yourself.

Even if you feel negative, you should still write it down.

Most often, writing puts things in perspective. You can analyze situations better to help you face whatever issues you are going through.

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3. Write Mindfully

I already told you that journaling your way towards success is not the same as your childhood diary. You should be mindful of your writing.

I mean this in the sense that you should observe correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure as much as possible.

In addition, be mindful of not writing to lengthy paragraphs. Yes, you are the only person to read your journal but being mindful of the writing mechanics can help you develop better writing skills that you can use in other facets of your life.

Being a good writer even in your journal can be useful when you go back to what you have recorded.

This will ensure you that you will definitely understand what you have written when you read your journal in the future.

4. Write Your Goals and Plans

Take note of your goals and plans in your journal. This is a good way for you to organize and analyze your strategies to achieve your goals.

Instead of just letting ideas float in your mind, recording them in the journal would make it easier for you to go back and retrace what you have thought of.

This is also an effective motivational tool. There are times when we feel burned out especially in doing business.

You can easily revert to what you have written in your journal and replenish yourself of motivational ideas

5. Write Your Progress

See, I told you it’s not as easy as it sounds because you have to take note in your journal of your progress or lack thereof.

By doing so, you can assess your capabilities and push yourself past through your comfort zone.

You can also get to evaluate why you are not making any progress.

What are the difficulties you are facing and how you can overcome them?

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6. Write Achievements and Things You Are Grateful For

Another way to keep you going in life is by recording your achievements in your journal no matter how small they may be.

Writing things that you are thankful for in your journal will keep you grounded especially in times of troubles.

With this, you can easily recount your priorities and aspects of your life that you should value more.

7. Conclusion

Writing in a journal is easy but journaling towards success requires more attention.

However, think of all the benefits you can get when you put more effort in your writing.

It can help you stay motivated, go through tough times, sort out problems,
and think of possible solutions. 

When will you start journaling towards your success?

That is the question!
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it's upon you to continue to...


William Bourn is one of the pillars of crazyessay.com alongside his college peers. He functions as both writer and social media ambassador for their business.  He occasionally makes podcasts for students and newbie bloggers to better their writing. William continuously practices corporate social responsibility by donating to various foundations. 

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