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Why Branding Is Not Just A Logo

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Header image of the article "Branding is Not Just a Logo": a list of reasons why branding is not simply a logo but far more important aspects of your business.

If you think that branding is all about a gorgeous logo then you are mistaken. Branding is far more than that.

Branding is not just about reliable typography and shades, creative graphics and statements, branding is blend of many different elements and aspects. 

The issue is that when people begin to think about branding, they mostly think about logo only. But the big picture is much deeper and enhanced.

The more you dig it, the more it engages you. What differentiates you from all other competitors is your brand.

It is the foremost thought that flashes through the minds of the consumers when they hear your name or see your logo.

The brand is the essence of a company, its reputation and its culture.

 And forming, evolving and managing the brand is key to efficaciously competing for customers.

A logo it's just a small piece of the whole branding equation.

Why Branding Is Not Just A Logo

1. Brand Brings Authenticity 

Today, authenticity is very important and people crave for it.

Authenticity is about matching all the elements of a brand.

From messaging to graphics, logo to communication everything falls in the ultimate branding. And it is this brand that talks about your authenticity.

If you want to reach out to the hearts and minds of people, your brand has to shout aloud about its abilities and deeds.

If you won’t tell people about your existence, they are not going to rely on you and as a result your authenticity can go for a toss. 

2. Strategies Play a Big Role

If the messaging of your brand is inconsistent or inauthentic, it might be time for your business to refine your message, update the logo and redesign old-fashioned visual styles. 

Actually, branding strategy is about evolving a coherent appearance, message and plan for development that is completely consistent with your aspirations, vision and truth, not just a logo!

It won’t be wrong to state here that evolving a brand strategy sets and improves the position of a business in the marketplace.

It transports the values, advantages and personality of a company, further more than just a logo!

Here a prosperous strategy comes as an outcome of communication between marketing company and important business personnel to clearly describe what the business wishes to achieve, along with detailed analysis. 

Featured image of the article "Branding is Not Just a Logo": a list of reasons why branding is not simply a logo but far more important aspects of your business. Your Brand needs to stand out

3. Determining your Brand 

Who are you? What is the thing about you that is different from others? Why people should prefer you?

And many other things are there which you have to be sure about.

Such types of elements have to be focus on real communication of how a business is perceived by the ones trying to be reached in a positive and an authentic way.

Putting and branding statements are an important part of this procedure.

Once you have established your strategy, you can steadily communicate the spirit of the business to the employees, representing everything that is getting done as a business to attain success.

Once you’re branding is developed, grip for development steps ahead by employing a fresh logo, new message both online and in print communications and visual elements. 

4. Branding is Constancy  

Constancy in marketing communications which constructs a bridge between your business and prospects.  A branding agency can help you with that.

Customers must have faith and trust your brand. The vehicle that helps you achieve that is branding. 

Consistency in your: strategy,  message,  customer service,  stores/facilities, logo and visuals, all those things are key!

People can trust your business, because you show that you care about every single aspect of it, by being consistent with your branding efforts. 

5. Your Brand Is A Feeling/Perception

A feeling that you have created in the mind of people you are trying to link with.

It is the act of evolving a perception, a unique feeling of trust, reliability, and whatever your business offers to people.

The reality is that you are already branding your work whether you are aware of it or not.

Logo, designing, messaging play a part and the audience decides the direction. 

6. Brand Is The Big Picture 

Remember your brand will be successful only if: you represent your understanding, of you and your audiences, through your logo, design and messages.

After all, every single thing contributes to your brand, including your logo. The brand is the big picture. 

7. Definitely Branding Is Not Just A Logo!   

Thus, the bottom line is that brand is a human body and logo it's body part.

The way a body cannot work effectively in the absence of its vital parts, branding too cannot perform well in the absence of its crucial elements like logo, graphics, message, values and so on. 

We sincerely hope now you can tell the difference between Branding and Logo.
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Parneet Mehar is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, CA.
She specializes in building brand strategies. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and making DIY crafts for family and friends.
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