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7 Innovative Ways to Cultivate Workplace Creativity

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Not long ago, creativity was a relative concept. It was focused more on children; the way they paint and the way they do creative stuff in kindergarten or even in the primary school classes. Besides that, it was associated with imagination. When you were speaking of creativity, everyone was confusing it with imagination and backwards. 

Nowadays, the business environment has reinvented the creativity concept. In the present moment, creativity means innovation.

If your business brings up innovative solutions and results, it will eventually succeed. That is the reason for which creativity is a very much valued aspect of today’s workplaces. 

Big brands have begun cultivating creativity through their offices and workplaces in order to create better results and expand their territory. Assuming that you also agree that creativity is an essential element of any contemporary business, we definitely need to focus our efforts to create that productive and creative environment in our own workplaces.

During today’s article we’ll take a look at seven innovative ways to cultivate your workplace’s creativity and optimize it along the way. It’s essential that you also take action after reading these tips and tricks. An idea without proper action means nothing; and in today’s society, we need real results to make a difference!

7 Innovative Ways to Cultivate Workplace Creativity

1. Flexibility is Key

Think about it this way: the more requirements and grounding rules your employees have, the less creative they’ll be. That’s not because they don’t want to, but because they have no space at all. They’re grounded by all these rules so they cannot use their own minds in order to come up with creative solutions.

Always have flexible work conditions. Allow your employees to do some mental work and come up with their own ways of solving problems. 

It’s always good to let other human minds help you with different tasks. Keep them motivated and show them that their creativity is extremely important to you, and to the company.

2. Hire Like-Minded Professionals

Your employees must align with your organization’s purpose and mindset. You’re going on a path towards something great; make sure that they’re in for good.

See if they can perceive the goal as you want them to perceive it, and figure out whether they are going to get involved in the purpose itself. 

If your employees don’t care about your cause, they’ll work at the lowest required potential in order to get their paycheck. If you don’t want this to happen, make sure that every employee of yours understands and respects your purpose. If they’re totally into the cause, that’s a plus for you.

3. Take Passionate Individuals

Passion is what makes people overstep their boundaries. It’s the passion that steps in and pushes the individual to do more than he’s required. When things get rough and something’s not progressing well, there’s a reason to try again. Otherwise, the interest is not enough in order to propel action.

Passion drives productivity, and selecting your staff while taking this trait in consideration is the smart thing to do in any type of business environment.

4. Reward Creative Thinking and Employees Involvement

When someone gives you a prize for the extra work you do, your commitment and fulfillment will boost in the same time. A motivated employee will always perform better and bring better results. As human beings, we love to be praised and we strive for proper recognition. 

Start creating promising rewards for those who come up with creative solutions. Offer them some prizes or promotion opportunities. 

You should also analyze your employee’s involvement degree, and treat them according to their implication.

Featured in the article: 7 Innovative Ways to Cultivate Workplace Creativity. Tips for cultivating creativity at work.

5. Create Compatible Groups in the Workplace

First, you need to be aware of your each of your employees’ skills and traits. It’s something that you must analyze if you want to have full control of your personnel. “Knowing” your staff members is going to offer you the possibility of optimizing your workplace activities by assigning the right persons on the right tasks.

If you have more than three personnel members, you should try creating groups with employees that complete each other.

By doing so, you are optimizing your company’s productivity by allowing more people to do better work together.

6. Empowering Workplace Environment

In order to cultivate creativity, your workplace environment must be correctly organized and properly designed.

Choose to use productivity and trust colors like blue, make enough space for your employees to perform their tasks, and try to bring a positive atmosphere in the office.

The way you make you feel your employees will influence the way they behave at work. A creative and empowering workplace environment will facilitate better results. And that’s because working efficiently isn’t possible in a messy and disorganized office.

7. Disconnections from the Workplace

Creativity doesn’t come that easy. Of course, there are some people who are always creative, but those are exceptions. Every day’s schedule is usually busy and stressful. If an employee is extremely stressed out, he’s going to be less productive and less creative.

Let your personnel take short and frequent breaks.

For example, they can implement the Pomodoro technique, which involves working in 25 minutes shifts with five minutes break. During the 25 minutes, full focus is required; the 5 minutes should be used to disconnect from the actual work and relax your brain for a few minutes.

Wrapping it Up 

Cultivating creativity in the workplace isn’t that hard. You just have to use the right strategies and take consistent action. Stop and analyze the progress, and then try again if it doesn’t work. With time, your business will perform way better; and that’s mainly because every bit of extra passion and creativity heightens the performance of your business.

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