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4 Ways To Improve Personal Branding: Leading the Way to Success

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Header image of the article: " 4 Ways To Improve Personal Branding: Leading The Way To Success", a list of how to ways of improving your personal brand and by a great leader in your business or industry.

Take a moment to contemplate: what does personal branding mean for a leader? Unfortunately, most people would pick self-promotion for an answer. However, personal branding is a much different category.

Self-promotion is based on creating awareness for you as a leader and industry influencer. Personal branding, on the other hand, presents the value you bring on the market. Through a personal brand, people don’t just see you as the manager of a random company; they see an exemplary success story and a role model. Here is a name that will make things clear: Richard Branson.

Was your first thought about personal branding related to social media promotion? Yes, smart use of social media can help you develop and maintain an image, but a leader also realizes that personal branding goes way beyond Facebook and Twitter.

All that talk and no tips about developing a personal brand? No worries; we’re getting there.

4 Ways To Improve Personal Branding: Leading the Way to Success

1. Define Your Recognizable Qualities

Steve Jobs was inventive, fearless, and incredibly passionate. Richard Branson is a dreamer who is fun and always gives back to the workers who help his companies grow. Bill Gates became a legendary leader through his main quality: tireless work and commitment.

You have that something in your DNA that makes you special.

Are you strategic, innovative, great team worker, deliberate, committed, or completely independent? Maybe you’re a bit stiff, but you’re very just and you always deliver what you promise?

Recognize those qualities and focus on them. Let everyone in and beyond your organization notice that individuality.

When you leave great impressions on people, you won’t need to talk and write about how special you are. The good word has its own way of spreading. You just need to give people reasons to talk about you.

You don’t know who you are? It happens. With all that work you’re buried in, maybe you don’t have time to pay attention to yourself and recognize your own qualities. They still shine through your leadership, though. Here are 2 things you can try:

A - Leave at least an hour for yourself. Every single day! Read, paint, listen to music, meditate… do whatever you like. Don’t forget that you’re a person with individual interests that are not always related to the work you do.

B - This tip will seem silly, but here it comes: take a personality test. Sometimes the insights of these tests can be enlightening. Take it just for fun and give it a chance; maybe it will help you understand what your main qualities are.

2. Do Good. Lots of It

Self-promotion means talking about yourself. Personal branding means allowing your deeds to do the talk.

It’s no wonder why leaders focused on personal branding get respect from their teams and the wider audience, and those focused on self-promotion (*cough* Trump *cough*) appear as strong individuals with huge egos.

Have you heard about The Giving Pledge

The wealthiest people and families in the world make a commitment to give a major part of their wealth to philanthropy.

When your motives are honest and you’re not doing good just for the sake of self-promotion, this aspect of your personality will be defining in the personal branding process.

3. Work Hard, Live Easy!

What makes personal branding different than organizational branding? You’re right – personality

Your personality cannot be defined by the things you do as an organizational leader or manager. Your team and everyone else needs should see who you really are. Do you know what the best way for conveying your personality is? Just live!

Even if you’re an introvert and you like keeping your privacy to yourself, your lifestyle will be evident when you’re in the role of a leader. So, the least you could do is live to the fullest.

Show the world what you’ve got. Discover new things, visit new places, meet tons of people, and experience what life has to give you.

An adventurous, fearless personality gives an example everyone would want to follow.

4. Master Your Business Correspondence

You saw this coming, didn’t you? Almost every great leader is a brilliant writer at the same time. How do these people achieve so many things? That’s how special they are.

Work on your writing skills as much as possible. Start maintaining a private online journal, which will give you a chance to explore your ideas, emotions, and thoughts, but to discover your unique voice as well. 

This practice will improve the way you communicate with your team.

You can reduce the number and length of office meetings by transferring the collaboration into the online environment. With your clear and direct style, your workers will understand what you want them to do, and the teamwork will become much more effective.

When the time comes, you’ll start considering the big idea: writing a book that will take personal branding to the next level.

The conclusion from all this talk is obvious: personal branding goes way beyond self-promotion on social media.

It’s all about believing in yourself and making other people see what you’ve got.

Your leadership role and personal life intertwine to develop your personal brand.

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