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Leaders Don't Make Excuses They Make Improvements!

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Header picture of article "Leaders Don't Make Excuses They Make Improvements!". Tips about the improvements you can make as a leader with yourself and your team.

Even among the best leaders in the world, things never go quite as planned. The reason things don't go as planned, are not so much the point as the way you as the leader react to them.

In fact it has been repeatedly argued that the true test of a leader is how he acts when things go astray.

Leaders don't make excuses they make improvements!

The improvements needed may be in the leader, his team, or both. However when looking at what needs to be improved the leader should first look at himself. A leader also knows that improvements make take time to bear fruit.

Depending on what is happening and where you want to be improvements can be made in a variety of ways, and a variety of places. It is the leader's role to determine what improvements where will yield the greatest benefit.

Let's look together at some of the possibilities:

Improvements Leaders Can Make Instead Of Excuses

A. Physical Improvement

Maybe the leader or a member(s) of his team lacked the physical strength or endurance to get the job done last night.

Maybe an improvement in overall health is needed somewhere in the equation.

If you or a member of your team are not physically up to the task at hand, it's hard for the other factors involved to have much of an impact.

B. Resources

If you think that you will always have the time, supplies, and equipment to do the task at hand you clearly live in a fantasy world (!).

However if your organization is routinely coming up short due to the lack of necessary resources, look for ways our team can be better prepared the next time.

Throwing up you hands and saying we just don't have it only leads to endlessly repeating your failure.

C. Education and Training

Even in the rest of times this is an area every leader should constantly be working on, and encouraging their team members to do the same.

Maybe things came up short because you need to learn a new skill or refine an old one. Maybe you need a mentor (or a different one) on a certain skill or topic.

The same could be true of your team members. Bear in mind that one of the key duties of any leader is to train his replacement.

Education and training is a core part of this process and mission success !

Featured in "Leaders Don't Make Excuses They Make Improvements!" article. Tips of how to leader can make improvements in themselves or their team instead of making excuses.

D. Information Flow

Success in today's world is more and more often all about information.
  • Is the right actionable information getting to the right people when it needs to?
  • Does your competition always seem to have better information?
  • Are you keeping yourself as the leader up to date on the wide range of things you need to know to make the right decisions?

Make sure that you are getting all the information you need, and that it is getting to the proper people and places in a timely manner.

E. Methods and Procedures

The way you did things last month or last year just may not work anymore. Today's world changes often, and it changes fast! Organizations either keep up or get left behind.

If you are not getting the results you want take a careful step by step look at how you are doing the task(s) involved.

With many tasks or situations it is also true that no one way always works. Think about this in combination with number 3 above. You could just need a new arrow in your quiver!

These are just areas to get your thinking started.

A great leader like you will undoubtedly come up with more. Improve your way to success!

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Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield is founder of FaithInspires.Org, and has served in a variety of leadership positions in a range of different organizations. He is also a Christian Growth and Healing Expert at SelfGrowth.Com the world's leading self help website. He and his work have appeared in Google News, ChristianHeadlines.Com, and Katy Christian Magazine among others. Follow him at https://www.twitter.com/revcrutchfield 

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