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Superheroes still exist today! Spiderman basketball UPDATE

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Metaphor: do you know anyone in your life that as the powers of a superhero? A kid's dream!

Meaning in their actions they really can touch others and make a difference in today's world?
See a spiderman playing basketball and inspire young kids to reach fro their dreams.

Imageplay: what if Spiderman was playing basketball on your local neighbourhood court? What kind of tricks could he pull of?

How would kids with a dream react?

No meaning, just watch and see for yourself in the vídeo below:

Fantastic! Amazing skills! And touching vídeo!

What a way a creative way to inspire others. The kids reaction is priceless!

(By the way this is real, and he's name is Grayson Boucher "The Professor" a streetball/basketball player)

UPDATE: here's part 2 of this great vídeo


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