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Ageless Painter - Amazing Work of Art

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Pixel painting from Hal Lasko, a 97 year old men that is a source of motivation and inspiration.

Imagine you are 97 years old, your vision isn't what it used to be and of course your basic motor skills aren't sharp like the good old days.

What kind of occupation would you have?

Painting? Not likely right? Look at the picture above again an get blown away by the creativity.

Ageless Painter - Amazing Work of Art

Say that to Hal Lasko, the "Pixel Painter" a 97 year old man who makes beatiful works of arts moving pixels in his computer although is vision is lacking.

Enjoy this man's work in the vídeo bellow:  

"I got a lot of patience, that's what you really need anyway"

In this type of conditions what kind of standards does a person like this must have, in order to accomplished such a notable work? Way off from the common lazyness that afects all when our body starts to get older.

Amazing work and determination!


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