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Too old to workout? Here's your motivation

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Inspirational video of Merrill Matzinger 98 year old man who workouts still. Great workout motivation.
Do you think you're too old to workout?

Watch the picture left and get amazed with this 98 year old lifter who daily defies age and the most common beliefs.

He almost died in 1980,  but he rebounded from that with the purpose to acomplish "a few things". Just amazing.

His name his Merrill Matzinger, and 3 years ago in appear in this video report about his acomplishments.

Things to Retain:

A - It's never to late to start working out! Only in your mind.

B - People are able to accomplished great things if they put their mind to it. Motivation it's in ourselves.

(BTW: Could the News be something like this everyday and not some bogus story or tragic incident?)


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